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rubin sleeves

RUBIN sleeves deliver excellent print results

Polywest produced their first sleeve in 1988. These years of experience have provided an immense knowledge base in sleeve development for various applications in the Flexographic Printing and Offset Printing industry. Special Polymer choices, structural design, and the tightest of quality control allow Polywest to produce the world’s highest technology sleeves and bridge mandrels.

Polywest maintains closer manufacturing tolerances on their sleeves, which allow minimal clearance between the sleeve and mandrel thereby creating the best fit possible between the sleeve and the mandrel. Polywest sleeves consistently fit better on your mandrels than any of the competitors’ sleeves.

Recent developments in high modulus carbon fibre bridge mandrels allow higher press line speeds with less bounce than using a conventional built-up sleeve. Also, the resultant sleeve required is lighter and easier to handle.

Contact us to learn more about the Polywest sleeve and bridge mandrels solution that is best suited for your application.

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