Blown Film Systems – Reifenhauser-Kiefel

Flex Essentials Inc., are Canadian sales agents for Reifenhauser-Kiefel Blown Film Systems extrusion lines and components.

Reifenhauser-Kiefel blown film lines are used for the production of films of one to nine layers for many different flexible packaging applications.

Blown Film Systems Reifenhauser-Kiefel extrusion lines

Reifenhauser-Kiefel Blown Film extrusion lines

Polyolefin lines of one to five layers may be used in applications such as as food and medical packaging, consumer goods, industrial packaging, and agricultural film products. Lines of 7 or 9 layers are typically used where barrier properties to restrict oxygen transmission are required and would utilize various coextrusions of EVOH or Polyamide. Typically these structures would be used for meat, fish, or cheese packaging as well as other food packaging.

Components for upgrading of customers existing lines are also available such as oscillating haul-offs, winding systems, auto profile air ring control, gearless extruders, collapsing frame and bubble stabilizers.

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