Leak Detector Seal Integrity Testing Packaging


FLEXPAK Package Leak Detector and Seal Integrity Testing Device

FLEXPAK Leak Detector is a quality control leak detection seal tester, ideally suited for testing seal integrity via leak detection for many types of packages including: three sided pouches, stand-up pouches, side gusset pouches, bottom seal pouches, rigid trays with lidding material flushed with modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) and any other food packaging or medical packaging applications.

Consistant Quality Control and Process Monitoring


FLEXPAK Leak Detector is simple, reliable and repeatable affording consistent quality control and process monitoring for…

  • Minimum Pass Testing
  • Fail Point Testing
  • Altitude Simulation Testing

Machine seal settings such as dwell, temperature and pressure can be adjusted to correct problems that are found with the seals due to measuring seal integrity with this tester.

The FLEXPAK Leak Detector and seal integrity tester is a quality control device that consists of a transparent vacuum tank, a vacuum system, a control valve and indicator guage that indicates vacuum level. The vacuum tank is mounted on a stainless steel stand.

By Adjusting the Vacuum Level, You can evaluate the integrity of the seal!

By Adjusting the Vacuum Level, You can evaluate the integrity of the seal!

Leak Detector Model FP302016

Leak Detector Model FP302016 by FLEXPAK

The package to be tested is simply submersed in the tank, the lid is closed, and the vacuum valve is engaged at which time if there is a leak the quality control inspector can easily see air in the form of bubbles escape from the package. Burst or failure testing can be done by increasing the vacuum level until seal failure occurs. A complete test can be done quickly and easily!

Faulty Seal - see the air bubbles!

Faulty Seal – see the air bubbles!

Good Seal Integrity

Good Seal Integrity


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