Sheet Extrusion Systems Thermoforming

Flex Essentials Inc. are sales agents in Canada for Reifenhauser Extrusion, Thermoforming Sheet Extrusion Systems.

Reifenhauser produces Single Screw and Twin-screw extruders with co-rotating screws.  The Reifenhauser Twin Screw is especially suitable for processing PET and PET with high filler concentrations of minerals or wood flour.

Reitruder Reifenhauser Twin Screw

REIcofeed II

The patented REIcofeed system offers maximum flexibility regarding various layer properties for the extrusion of advanced multi-layered composites. REIcofeed coextrusion adapters are available for the extrusion of 2 – 9 layered composites.


A significant reduction in change-over times for the sheet die-head has been achieved by means of Reifenhäuser’s patented ISR II technology (internal slot regulation).

Sheet thickness and nominal die gap can be changed with a variable die gap design!

Reifenhäuser sheet lines can process all common polymers. Three coextrusion feedblock systems, seven different series of die-heads, and polishing stacks of horizontal, vertical and inclined extrusion direction enable an optimal configuration for every application.

Extrusion lines from Reifenhäuser Cast Sheet Coating give you the flexibility to respond to market requirements. Change between PS and PP without having to purchase an additional screw.

REI Cofeed II

REI Cofeed II



Applications include:

  • Yoghurt cups (PS)
  • Margarine cups (PP)
  • Deli cups (PP)
  • MAP trays for meat packaging (PP)
  • Drinking cups (PS or PP)

Sheet Extrusion Systems Product Brochures

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