Press to Close Zipper Closures by Elplast

Flex Essentials Inc. is the exclusive Canadian sales agency for Elplast press to close zipper material.


press to close zipper closures

ELPLAST is a Flex Essentials Partner

The EL-ZIP® press to close zipper manufactured by Elplast is used by some of the largest packagers in the food, food processing and pharmaceutical industries, as well as manufacturers of pet food and converters of stand up pouches for all applications.

A wide range of manufactured products and their highest quality situate Elplast in the very lead of the world manufacturers of zipper closures. This is reflected in Elplast customer base of approximately 300 repeat customers from more than 50 countries in the whole world to whom Elplast supplies their products.

Elplast’s press to close zippers are manufactured from the highest grade raw materials and on the basis of the newest international quality standards, keeping the strict rigor of food safety. All press to close zippers are manufactured to the  Integrated Management System:  ISO 22000:2005 and BRC/IoP Global Standard.

Custom zipper closure profiles are available and these zipper closures can be designed to customer specifications in a very short time.

Elplast guarantees its technical support before, during and after the sale.  Elplast goal is to be the most professional and innovative zipper closure partner in the packaging market.

Press To Close Zipper Products

press to close zipper closures by ELPLAST

EL-ZIP® press to close zippers are used by both horizontal and vertical packaging machines and also bag and stand up or side gusset pouch converters that want to improve the qualities of their packages in a simple and effective manner. Press to close zipper closures are available for high performance low sealing tempertature, biodegradable applications with compostable or oxydegradable offerings.

Applications for EL-ZIP® press to close zippers include snack food pouches, coffee pouches, baked good pouches, cheese pouches, pet food pouches etc. In fact EL-ZIP® press to close zippers are used by converters in all varieties of stand up pouches, side gusset pouches and form fill seal applications.

Elplast has mastered the art of manufacturing press to close zipper closures producing EL-ZIP® zipper closures from 3mm to 50mm wide and manufactured from both polyethylene and propylene. EL-ZIP® press to close zippers are  compatible with film with sealant layers of PE, CPP and OPP and BOPP.

Sealing Zippers

Ultra low temperature – high performance sealing zippers

Elplast is able to co-extrude several layers in the manufacture of EL-ZIP® press to close zippers.  For example, a layer improving sealing properties, a barrier layer, a peel seal layer, a colour layer, etc.


Product Brochure

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