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Doteco is a world leader in gravimetric resin blending innovation and gravimetric yield control systems.

The Grado blender is a cost effective solution for blown film, cast film, sheet and profile extrusion blending and yield control system. The blender utilizes a two-stage control. The first stage is a batch blender that weighs the individual components and proportions them correctly to achieve the desired blend ratio. The second stage is a mixing chamber that is supported by load cells and controls the throughput rate of the extruder for perfect yield control. Monolayer or nine layers each layer can be individually controlled for perfect throughput and average gauge control.

Blendo is a dosing system for more demanding applications such as required by the fibre industry. The Blendo system incorporates discreet gravimetric dosing additives and a unique cascade mixer. A downcomer hopper mounted on load cells offers independent extruder control to complete the yield control system.

grado blender Gravimetric Yield Control SystemsGrado Blender

Blendo Gravimetric Yield Control Systems
Blendo System

All of Doteco’s blenders are designed to mount directly on the extruder feed throat to minimize resin inventory, minimize un-mixing of the pellets in a downcomer hose and to minimize the response time required to make a blend or product change. Hoppers are of stainless steel construction for zero corrosion.

Doteco has developed an extrusion line process control package that can be retrofitted to existing extrusion lines or ordered as new equipment on extrusion lines. Their years of experience and their knowledge of blending and yield control has given Doteco the technical edge to produce the most user friendly system available for extrusion.

All process parameters can be incorporated such as line speed, extruder rpm, throughput/hour, melt temperatures and pressures. All machine set points such as blend ratios, layer ratios and machine temperatures etc. can be put into recipes for full extrusion monitoring and control. Historical trending is also available.

Systems are designed to customer requirements and can be minimally configured or as comprehensive as possible in terms of control and flexibility.

Doteco produces heavy duty vacuum receivers, vacuum pumps, suction nozzles, for centralized conveying systems and independent hopper loading systems.

Construction of vacuum receivers is of aluminum and stainless steel and features self cleaning stainless steel filter screens that never require replacement.

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