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KBA Flexotecnica – a Flex Essentials Partner

KBA Flexotecnica is known world wide for the production of 8, 10 and 12 color gearless, sleeve, central impression flexographic printing presses. Available in line speeds of 400,500 and 600 mpm. In fact, Flexotecnica is the only company in the world with a 12 color C.I. press in it’s product line! This press has won Flexotecnica the “Flexo Tech Award” for innovation!

Flexographic Printing Press


Flexographic Printing Press


Flexographic Printing Press x12


KBA Flexotecnica’s Flexographic Printing Central Impression presses allow printers and packaging converters to achieve the highest quality performance while keeping production costs to an absolute minimum. These sleeve presses assure maximum productivity with minimized running costs, thus achieving a shorter return on investment (R.O.I). Newly designed modular safety covers and protective doors allow increased safety, a more user friendly operator environment with reduced job changeover time, reduced noise emission and ease of maintenance access. The machine layout uses a “universal” configuration in order to enable the application of any print technology, either solvent- or water based or UV or even EB, in this way protecting the machine investment from any future technological obsolescence. Unique solutions aimed at drastic reduction of waste (”NW” – No Waste Solutions) both at print set up and during production assure extreme efficiency and consequently higher margins of profits. New design software for engineering and industrialization of the product line configuration (“CLS” Customized Layout Solution) allow for machine layout optimization by choosing the most cost-effective and economically remunerative format.

A number of optional devices such as pneumatic ejectors for print and anilox sleeves as well as the patented SSC (Safe Sleeve Change) which allows the preparation of idle printing decks while machine is running in the safest and most comfortable way, have been engineered to improve the efficiency and flexibility.

As an additional option the print deck can be further enhanced by a new “Pipeless” doctor chamber design that removes all ink piping from the operating area to outside the machines substantial side frames.

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