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Ferrarini and Benelli Corona Treatment

Ferrarini and Benelli – a Flex Essentials partner

Ferrarini and Benelli manufacture world class corona treaters that are used in the blown film extrusion, cast film extrusion, sheet extrusion, printing, and lamination industries.

Corona treaters are available for:

  • one or two sided treatment
  • conductive or non-conductive substrates
  • Narrow web treatment
  • Wide web treatment
  • sheet fed applications
  • Corrugated (cell core) plastic sheet
  • Lane treating (strip treating)
  • Three dimensional treating

F&B corona treaters are available with silicone sleeve design, ceramic roll design and ceramic electrode designs! They produce corona treatment stations for neutral or metalized plastic film, paper, sheets, foil, foam, labels, pipes and other special applications.

F&B also produces IGBT generators and Ozone destruct systems. Ozone Destruction System Ozo-no! enables companies using corona treatment stations to remain within the limits of ozone imposed by law. The catalyst regeneration service allows for significant cost savings. Ferrarini & Benelli digital generators for our corona and plasma systems can be installed on all production lines.


Corona Treaters for Foil or Laminates

Cast Film Treater

Cast Film Corona Treater

Blown Film Corona Treater

Blown Film Corona Treater

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    Ferrarini and Benelli Brochure

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