Cast Film Systems – Reifenhauser

Flex Essentials Inc. is the Canadian sales agents for Reifenhauser Cast Film Systems. Cast film produced on chill rolls are an indispensable product in the packaging industry. They provide both versatile and high-quality options for safe and economic packaging of everyday products. With the development of advanced line concepts, Reifenhäuser has achieved a leading position in the market for cast film machinery, in part due to their superior chill roll stand and feed block technology. The modular design of Reifenhäuser cast film lines allows them to match the technology precisely to your product requirements. From a broad range of individual components, they configure a line for your specific applications.

Applications for cast films include

  • Bread bags
  • Film for packaging of flowers
  • Film for packaging of textiles
  • Film for metallizing of food packaging
  • Film for lamination with BOPP (pasta packaging)
  • Film for office applications (file covers, transparent envelopes)

Cast film line

REI co-feed Co-extrusion feed block

Product Brochures – Cast Film

  • Cast Film Dies Brochure

    Cast Film Lines Brochure

    Cast Film Coex Feed Block Brochure